The cold, harsh truth about your face and your shoes…

Oct 15, 2008 | Mobile & Web




A little while ago Facestat made a blip on the technology radar with a website that allowed anyone to upload a picture of themselves and receive first impression feedback from strangers. Comments may include your age, style, sexual persuasion, intelligence and all manner of other personal dimensions that we make snap judgements on every second of the day. The results are aggregated from a number of different people from all over the US and are presented in a snappy interface that allows you to drill into the data with a couple of clicks. The site quickly made the rounds on the web experiencing a massive backlog to process the images with thousands of people uploading their picture.

More recently the same folks launched Shoestat. Essentially the same premise but this time aimed at the slightly less ego battering topic of what people thought of your shoes.



It’s not that often that a social media site takes off like wildfire in the way that Facestat did. I think they tapped into a few basic hot buttons of human nature and did a fantastic job in terms of executing a simple concept well. Facestat and Shoestat give you an objective opinion from a sample group who have very little incentive to do anything other than give you their gut impressions. I found it especially interesting that when aggregated the wisdom of the crowds correctly identified my age and weight as well as the occasional insecurity around double chins…(Maybe they should  run some google ads for plastic surgery).

Facestat and ShoeStat are the new ‘Hot or Not’ on steroids, providing a level of detail and ability to drill into the specifics that go beyond a quick rating. While not for everyone, the lucrative, self-obsessing youth demographic is likely to spend plenty of time on sites like this, honing their look or wondering whether those jeans really do flatter them or not. I see a huge amount of potential for a number of verticals and other directions to take this into. Shoestat is a smart move into fashion but why not makeup, art, health, hair, physique, etc ? Almost any of these could be drilled into deeply and provide insights that one would never hear from your best friend…

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