The Doctor Mole App Wants to Help You Detect Skin Cancer

Oct 3, 2012 | Mobile & Web


Ever wonder if that mole on your forearm is a threatening cancerous melanoma? Well, you’re not alone since many people have no idea what to look for when it comes to judging a mole’s size, shape or color for signs of danger.

The recently released Doctor Mole app is here to help. Using augmented reality technology via a smartphone’s camera, this app can help the average person scan their own moles and make educated decisions on whether it’s time to visit their local dermatologist.

Upon scanning a potential problem area, the Doctor Mole app analyzes the asymmetry, border, color and diameter of the mole and then uses a color-coding system to rate its risk level. Since doctors recommend that you monitor blemishes for changes at regular intervals, this app allows you to label and save unlimited photos within the app for comparison. You can even set up automatic reminders to make sure that you don’t forget to check up on yourself.


Since early detection is key in the battle against skin cancer, an inexpensive ($3.99 for the iPhone) mobile monitoring system like this may help make people more apt to inspect themselves, rather than waiting for their annual check-up. While this app definitely does not replace a live, licensed doctor, it does take good advantage of technology today to make it easier for people to take their health into their own hands.

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