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Jul 22, 2009 | Mobile & Web


The Force Uncut is a great project put together by Vimeo employee Casey Pugh. The premise is simple. Take the original Starwars movie, cut it into 473 individual 15 second clips and let the internet community go wild on it by creating their interpretation of that scene. Anyone can visit and claim a clip, uploading their work for the masses. When complete Casey will stitch the whole thing together to create a Frankenstein-esque work of collaboration of one of the worlds most popular movies.

There are currently 21 finished clips uploaded that you can view here. (Click on finished, pick a clip and then select a user from the top left hand corner).

The quality of the work ranges from horrific to brilliant utlizing everything from stop animation to people fighting in their garages with tennis rackets.


Star Wars Uncut – Scene 443 from Andrew Nicolson on Vimeo.


It’ll be really interesting to see the end result of the project and whether it’s actually a watchable end product or too incoherent to understand. I’ve been watching the evolution of these kind of collaborative works for film over many years with offshoots including everything from the rise of machinima to Swarm of Angels. If the film goes viral I think Casey may have stumbled upon a whole new genre and style that could be repeated for many other popular movies. A great way for budding artists and fans to showcase their work to the world and a great way for movie studios to continue to make money from their backlog of titles by encouraging people to submit their work, share it with others and drive DVD titles and advertising opportunities.


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