The Future of Computing is Paper Thin

Jan 9, 2013 | Mobile & Web | Tech News

Imagine that your tablet’s screen has transformed into a few sheets of lightweight paper that are easy to transport and spread out onto a desk.

This may be coming sooner than you think from Intel and Plastic Logic’s new project PaperTab. Made up of ten interactive sheets of “paper” called papertabs, these flexible displays can individually house different windows of applications.

With an intuitive touch and bend interface it’s easy to transfer documents or photos between PaperTabs by tapping from one display to another. A user is also able to send an email by simply bending the top corner of a display. If a bigger display is needed all a user needs to do is place one papertab next to another to double, triple or even quadruple the size of the screen.

Though it may be a few years until flexible battery and processor systems become viable enough to make this a true reality, it does give us insight into what we all may be using in the future.

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