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Oct 18, 2012 | Mobile & Web




WorldCam is a handy and fun little mashup of Foursquare, Instagram, Geonames and Geoplugin that does something that until recently probably wouldn’t have been possible.

The site allows you to search for any location around the world and cross references the services above to find photos that have been taken at that place.

Here for example is the search for the 8ninths offices at the Maritime Building on the Seattle Waterfront, which happens to include a shot from one of our creative technologists, Fred. Here are a few additional shots of Fort Knox , the Playboy Mansion and Microsoft.

This is a way to get a sense of a space through the artistic eye of someone who’s visited or habituates a locale.


From a practical point of view it’s amazing that one can tap into a global database of pictures and see a space that might be relevant from a business or personal point of view. Bing Maps can only go so far with plane flyovers. To get a sense of an internal space requires either a somewhat expensive and deliberate sending of a photographer, or you crowdsource it. Over time it may be possible to use a tool such as Photosynth to interconnect overlapping photos and create a connected graph of different peoples imagery, adjusting in real time as new photos are added.


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