The Marketeer

Virtual and Augmented Reality are changing the way people experience brands. VR enables immersive brand experiences—creating impact like never before possible. AR brings brands into the homes of consumers and introduces an array of personalization opportunities. Marketeer helps you develop inventive strategies and campaigns in this new media ecosystem.

8ninths Marketeer Solutions

content marketing the box vr

Content Marketing

Engage your audience in a signature brand moment. From 360° video to AR filters to fully immersive branded apps, AR and VR enable authentic, interactive experiences.

AR Print Ads

AR Enhanced Print Ads

Create highly personalized and interactive ads by combining traditional media with Augmented Reality. Track ad effectiveness and leverage personal data to deliver customized content.

augmented outdoor marketing

Digital Out Of Home

Turn everyday billboards, bus stops, and storefronts into an entertaining and novel experience with both Mobile AR and large scale Augmented Reality.

Virtual Sampling

Virtual Sampling

Enable customers to try your product from the comfort of their own home. From makeup and sunglasses to entire outfits, customers can try things on and share screen captures with friends for feedback.


Event Marketing

Embellish your exhibit, display, or presentation with Virtual and Augmented Reality.

virtual catalog

Virtual Product Catalog

Encourage consumers to visualize products anywhere. View furniture and art from a home or office.

Our Toolbox

Built on top of the 8ninths Reality Management System, the Marketeer enables brands to capitalize on the latest technologies and connect with audiences in a new and profound way. Designed to satisfy our clients’ most in demand needs, The Marketeer offers a robust feature set, pairing our RMS Platform with high-end Virtual and Augmented Reality services.


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