The PC is dead… deal with it.

Dec 5, 2012 | Mobile & Web

pc gravestone

Is the PC Dead? If it isn’t, then the way in which we have known the PC for over a decade is on its way out. Today, all of the top producers of consumer technology have fully embraced the post-PC era. Apple started the trend with the iPad and has followed up with its offerings in the portable and desktop arena. Google has always been fully invested into this space and Microsoft has recently jumped onboard with Windows 8 and Surface. These producers keep making products smaller, more efficient, and easier to manufacture. They are also killing what we have always known as the “PC” by moving away from component based computers.

It looks like Intel is sealing the coffin on the “old” PC world once and for all by dumping its component-based line of processors. Technically speaking, Broadwell (not Broadwell) the 14nm (nanometer) successor to Haswell will no longer come in an LGA package. To explain, Broadwell and Haswell are Intel’s names for their latest processors. The LGA package stands for land grid array, or simply-put the ability for a processor to be a modular component. Think of the tires on your car, it’s fairly simple to remove a few lug nuts and replace a tire or wheel. Intel is choosing to weld the tires onto their cars. For those who understand what this all means there is an interesting article here.

This transformation is a step towards disrupting the PC market once and for all. If you remember those beige computer boxes from the 90’s, the boxes got prettier, now they will be gone forever.

Componentization has been a successful form in creating computers for many years. It has lead to a once fervent DIY community and a relative uniform practice in building PC’s. The critics of this trend claim that computers will no longer be upgradable or repairable. While that is true, those critics are missing the point. Think back to when you purchased your last computer. I’ll bet the technical specifications were less of a concern versus the look or feel of the machine. Upgrading your computer is less of an issue than it was in the past and all modern OS’s are less dependent on hardware specs. The lack of removable components leads to much more efficient and higher performing computers all in a smaller package. This allows manufactures to think about design first, instead of last.

So we should embrace our new post-PC overlords. Farewell PC, we wish you well as we welcome in our new devices.




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