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Feb 20, 2013 | Mobile & Web



WebcamMesh is a really fun and interesting experiment by @FelixTurner. He’s hacked together a great demonstration of how HTML 5 can be used to trigger your webcam to creat a WebGL 3D Mesh within your browser (Chrome or Opera). The result is very matrix-esque providing a realtime graphical representation of your face by mapping pixel brightness to Z-Depth. You can manipulate the image by zooming or rotating with your mouse.


With the advent of HTML 5, increasingly powerful processors and high bandwidth pipes, experiences that used to only be possible on desktop machines with a heft download are now possible instantly over the web. As creative technologists this gives us a much broader palette of technology to work with to craft experiences that are immersive, real-time and elicit a feeling of responsiveness and true interactivity. Another great example is this camera based gestural control by theMorph, allowing you to move a grid on the screen simply my turning your head. The more sensors that the machines around us incorporate, the richer these experiences will become. Fertile ground for marketers in the online space.


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