Tophatter – Ebay Cartoonified

Apr 11, 2013 | Mobile & Web


Tophatter, can best be described as Etsy meets Ebay meets Habo Hotel. Essentially a marketplace for people to find and sell jewelry and accessories through live auctions, this free mobile app has been gaining momentum amongst the primarily female demographic. Billed as ‘The Web’s most entertaining live auction house’ they have impressive statistics such as 12 bids / item and 91% of items selling. You can browse upcoming auctions and items, put in your own bid or interact in a group chat with other bidders or the seller of the item.

I must admit that I was skeptical that a toonified version of an auction could be more than just a gimmick, but having played with the app and observed how the community interacts they’re clearly tapped into a phenomenon that actually results in real business results. Maybe former Apple Exec, Scott Fostall was onto something with his Skeuomorphism after all 🙂


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