Training and Communications

With Virtual and Augmented Reality come new opportunities for corporate communication. Employee training, customer support, and quality control is rapidly changing and becoming more efficient with these emerging technologies. The Training and Communications Suite is designed to optimize corporate communication methods, both internally and externally.

Training & Communications Solutions

customer support

Customer Support

Increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty with on-demand service,  seamless live streaming, and on-screen annotations.

employee training

Employee Training

Engage employees, motivate rapid learning, and reduce costly errors on the job with powerful training tools. From immersive 360° video to computer generated training simulations, employees can prepare for the job from any location.

Production line


Arm assembly line employees with contextual augmented information, empowering them to minimize downtime, maximize assembly line throughput, and maintain defect-free delivery metrics.

Our Toolbox

Built on top of the 8ninths Reality Management System, the Training and Communications Suite enables brands to capitalize on the latest technologies and optimize ROI for training and communications tools. Designed to satisfy our clients’ most in demand needs, the Training and Communications solutions offer a robust feature set, pairing our RMS Platform with high-end Virtual and Augmented Reality services.


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