Viral Video Viewing made easier by’s Genius App

Oct 3, 2012 | Mobile & Web


For a long time now we’ve had services like Pandora that offer users a continuous stream of music tailored to individual tastes. has finally brought the same concept of continuous streaming to the world of videos with its new Genius app.

Taking video content from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, the Genius app provides instant entertainment from viral cat videos, to slow motion prancing basset hounds to your favorite Gangnam style dance parody. If you happen to have an Apple TV with AirPlay it gets even better, since this app allows you to stream content directly on your television.


Anything that makes the viewing of hilarious viral videos easier and more pleasurable is sure to be welcomed with open arms. Be prepared to get sucked into a cycle of comedy clips, DIY craft how-tos and movie trailers.

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