Virtual Showroom

Virtual and Augmented Reality are transforming the way people purchase homes, decorate spaces, and shop for products. From automobiles and boats to condos and office spaces, VR and AR enable consumers to instantly customize products or environments and visualize large scale consumer goods in the context of a physical space. Virtual Showroom enables enterprise clients to capture and deploy virtual tours, leverage tools for interior and product customization, and publish augmented catalogs.

Virtual Showroom Solutions

augmented catalog

Augmented Catalogs

Boost sales and enhance your customers’ brand experience with interactive, 3D catalogs. Enable customers to instantly visualize and customize products in their physical space before purchasing.

Real estate tours

Virtual Tours

Increase reach and shorten your sales cycle by enabling buyers to experience fully immersive virtual tours from anywhere in the world. From room capture to production to deployment, Virtual Tour is an end-to-end solution.

interior design

Interior Design

Enable customers to create interior layouts and experience spaces in 3D. Use Virtual Reality to create a custom toolset that allows users to design and visualize rooms. Use Augmented Reality to publish visualization tools, allowing users to preview furniture and art in an existing space.

Virtual Tradeshow

Virtual Trade Show

Create a lasting impression with innovative booth experiences that save time and money. Virtual Trade Show transcends physical barriers such as booth dimension and display size, unleashing a world of possibilities.

Our Toolbox

Built on top of the 8ninths Reality Management System, Virtual Showroom enables brands to capitalize on the latest technologies and connect with audiences in a new and profound way. Designed to satisfy our clients’ most in demand needs, Virtual Showroom offers a robust feature set, pairing our RMS Platform with high-end Virtual and Augmented Reality services.


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