Embed Yourself Within a Video Game With Virtuix’s Virtual Reality Treadmill

Mar 8, 2013 | Virtual Reality



Have you ever wished you could physically explore The Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule field with Epona and aim your crossbow at those annoying Pea Hats? With the advent of Virtuix’s The Omni, a treadmill intended for use in virtual reality environments, you could potentially escape your living room and literally find yourself embedded within your favorite video game.

The Omni is a multi-directional treadmill that is designed for interactive gameplay and allows its users to forget the traditional game controller. It makes it possible for users to run or walk through any virtual environment with relative ease.

Virtuix is currently putting together a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first round of this product, which they’re touting as an affordable device for the living room. See The Omni in action by watching the video below of someone playing Skyrim.


This virtual reality treadmill isn’t only applicable to video game play, it could also have a great impact on the creative advertising world.

For example imagine you’re heading a campaign promoting Disney’s new film Oz The Great The Powerful. Since this story has such a rich environment you could promote the film by inviting fans to a virtual environment where they can explore a portion of the Yellow Brick Road. You could also make this something fans want to go back to by creating a feature where the user can’t enter the Emerald City unless they have their movie ticket stub and then have various games or experiences that fans have to pay to enjoy.

Other possible uses for this device include: virtual tradeshows, simulation training, fitness training, virtual tourism, physical therapy and any other experience that would otherwise require a specific environment. With the endless possibilities that Virtual Reality provides, advertisers have plenty of room to get creative with their future campaigns.

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