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Oct 30, 2008 | Press

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About this time last year I was on vacation in New Zealand. We were driving through the beautiful Marlborough Country when we found ourselves  at an intersection and saw this sign. Kevin is the founder and site architect of the fantastic social news site Digg, co-founder at Revision3 and Pownce and all round good guy who’s impressed me with the way he’s handled some of the more interesting milestones of the social media world such as the DVD DRM Rebellion that one user described as a ‘digital boston tea party‘.



Well, In the interest of full disclosure, when I took this little snap I was thinking, “Wow, I bet digg users would get a kick out of this. Maybe it’ll even make the homepage”…So think of this as an experiment in guerrilla marketing. Can we get the word out to a broad audience about our fledgling new R&D lab, 8ninths through the power of a simple image ? Help us out, Digg away and let’s see if my theory can become a reality!

Please click on digg button below (and if you don’t have an account, sign up you won’t regret it)

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