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May 11, 2015 | Deep Dives

The Claire VR Headset is the most sophisticated VR on the market. Stylish, lightweight and durable, the Claire VR is designed for businesses that want to add more oomph in employee training, create a buzz at trade show events, and impress clients in sales presentations. With Fresnel lens technology and better screen displays than your iPhone, Claire immerses you in wild 3D visuals. Additionally, the set fits over prescription glasses ensuring that no one misses out on the total experience.


Release date: March 27, 2014 (Indiegogo)

Usage data: February 2015 batch: 51 units sold

Platform / Tech: VR Union Development, Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR)

Features: IPS dual display, 1350HzYEI internal orientation sensor, 170 degree Fresnel lens, prescription glasses compatible



I’m curious to see how other VR headsets will compare with Claire. The screen resolution is 3 times greater than anything else on the market, setting the bar high for competitors. It will be interesting to see how companies will utilize this technology.
– Emily 

Claire is designed with businesses in mind, so I can really see this taking off as a must-have tool for presentations. It’s a great way to make an emotional connection with challenging abstract concepts. — Caitlin



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