Welcome Jessica Jobes, a 14 year Microsoft veteran to the 8ninths crew!

Oct 20, 2014 | 8ninths


I am thrilled to be joining 8ninths and the talented, passionate, and rapidly growing team! After 14 years at Microsoft, why did I decide to leave and join an agency? Because 8ninths is unique; the people, the vision, and their approach to designing innovative technology are refreshing. It was a culture I was looking to be a part of even though I wasn’t looking for a change. And actually, this started about 10 years ago when Adam Sheppard, the co-founder and I worked together in MSN. He was MSN’s innovator, he always had a pulse on what’s new and what’s next; consistently influencing the team through his “Shep Reports”. We kept in touch over the years so I knew he left Microsoft to start 8ninths. It wasn’t until this year however, when I was still at Microsoft that I hired 8ninths to work on a challenging project with me. I knew I needed a 10x thinker, so I picked up the phone. Along with having the opportunity to work with Adam again, I was introduced to William and the rest of the 8ninths team. Everyday I worked with them I felt inspired, challenged, and more energized and I knew this was the place I wanted to come to work everyday. So I decided to take the leap and leave Microsoft.

It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what makes 8ninths different, there are many things that I love. The open urban studio and the dogs wandering around definitely help. But I think one of the biggest differences is that the team is very diverse and ideas and opinions flow freely, everyone collaborating and contributing to building a better product. And I have to believe that our equal split of female to male talent at 8ninths contributes to what I love about working here. 60% of the 8ninths team is female, that’s an impressive accomplishment when you consider most tech companies have around 30%.



It’s even more impressive when I segment by females in tech positions: 8ninths is 50% female while the big companies are self-reporting 10%-24% female.


When I first started talking to Adam and William about joining the company, I was sold when I heard William say, “Many times we design the customer experience before we know if we can even build it. This dynamic creates a fun challenge for our developers.” 8ninths practices true design-led engineering. It’s inspiring. It’s refreshing. We are a team that designs and builds really cool stuff!

With thanks to Adam, William, and the 8ninths crew I look forward to the road ahead.


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