Why you’ll be wearing a hat with an Infrared LED on it in the next 5 years.

Jan 9, 2013 | Mobile & Web

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I saw this post on Quora that got me thinking. The question posed was, ‘Are there any technologies to prevent yourself being captured on camera or video?’ The answer being that with a few cheap infrared LED’s stitched to your chapeau, many cameras will be blinded by the light. Of course, it’s easy to say well, that’s just paranoia. But think about the age we live in and the scenarios that are emerging every day and maybe it’s not such a crazy notion. 

In many major cities, with London being the leader by far, your every step in public is already captured. People are increasingly blasé about this with the thought that they have nothing to hide, and it helps to keep everyone safe. At the same time who, how and what that information is used for is for the most part completely unregulated.

You will walk down the street in the next 5 years and the billboards and ads you see will recognize you, know you and target you. You’ll be at a bar with friends and someones google glasses will recognize you and tag you. You’ll be walking into a Nordstroms and you’ll be seeing your face superimposed on a mannequin in this seasons latest fashion wear. 

In other words, things are about to get really personal and your face is going to be a gold mine for marketers. Of course there are as many positives as negatives but if you think this years privacy concerns of Facebook using pictures of you and your friends in targeted ads is a problem, you’re going to want to get your infrared tinfoil cap on pretty quickly.

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