WiFi Enabled Smart Film Turns Clear Windows Opaque With Your Smartphone

Jun 6, 2013 | Mobile & Web

sonte clear

sonte opaque


Ever wanted to have affordable on demand window privacy without the hassle of drawing dusty old curtains or lowering bulky window blinds? With SONTE Film you’ll be able to make clear windows look instantly opaque right from your smartphone.

This easily applicable WiFi enabled smart film pairs with a smartphone app to turn “on” see-through windows when you’re looking for a view and turn them “off” if you’re in need of a bit of privacy. The user is also able to tailor their level of privacy by dialing each window’s amount of opacity up or down to achieve a custom frosted affect.

Currently SONTE Film is undergoing a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first round of this product. Watch their campaign video below to learn more about the product:


Since SONTE Film is promoting themselves to developers (with an available SDK on Kickstarter) as well as consumers they are opening the door to new innovations in home automation. In addition to the formal uses of the app it may one day be possible to customize the experience by enabling all of the windows in your house to turn “on” or “off” depending on which room you’re in. Maybe you could automate your windows so that they turn opaque when certain sounds, such as turning on a sink tap or shower, are made.

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