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Jun 6, 2013 | Mobile & Web | Tech News


As we head into next week the world is gearing up for Apple’s WWDC keynote address. Apple plans on showcasing updates to their software and services offerings and according to some reports, some hardware as well. Here at 8ninths we are hopeful to see some incredible advancements of Apple’s product line.

It’s been quite a while since Apple has released something new to its users, seven months to be exact. Monday is the day to watch where Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and even possibly Jony Ive will take the stage to surprise and delight, enrich lives, and whatever other Apple lingo you might want to use to describe the day. Apple has promised updates to iOS (7) and OS X (Sea Lion?). We are very eager to see the design direction Apple has taken with its OS’s since its re-org last summer. Tim Cook let Scott Forestall go, ushering in a new era in software design by putting Jony Ive at the helm. Forestall was always a strong advocate for Skeumorphic design. Ive was knighted in honor of his contributions to the hardware design world. So will we see a dump of all the fake paper, linen backgrounds, and cardboard UI elements? Will it be so sleek and simple the software will be just as beautiful as the hardware? We are really curious about iOS 7. Here is our take.

It would be very difficult for Apple to completely abandon its current look. Millions upon millions of users have grown comfortable with the existing format so expect Apple to subtly, take it easy. They will probably learn from Microsoft, countless users still gripe and complain about the Windows 8 start menu. Those users are now coming around, but it was a painful adjustment for many. Apple will also never forget Mapsgate 2012. We expect them to make small adjustments to “flatten” the design but if there is a long term vision, or complete re-design, expect a slow change over a couple of iterations of iOS 7. Say by iOS 8-9 we will see what Sir Ive really wants users to be experiencing. Earlier this week a screenshot popped up that looks like it might show off some new iOS icons. I doubt that is all we will see but it may be a good example of Apple slowly making adjustments.


Digging into each proprietary app we hope to see some stronger design direction in usability and flat ascetics. More and more apps these days are pushing the limits of usability and design. Apple will probably take note and improve the experience overall. Much of it may not be noticeable up front but given the time they have spent and resources they have committed, expect big things. Recently Apple released the WWDC app for conference attendee’s. Its doubtful that they pulled the curtain back on the look and feel of their new design direction however it is a great example of Apple taking baby steps to move towards something new. Imagine that app, but pushed much further.

By far the most anticipated update to iOS is the interface. However, there are a few other updates we might see. Specifically keep an eye out for more gesture control. Probably on iPad devices. They have slowly introduced 4 and 5 finger gestures over the past couple of years, this round they may roll out similar control that a trackpad does on a mac.

Until Monday we won’t know for sure. We will be watching the Keynote live so follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates and reviews on Apple’s latest releases.


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